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    HUARAZ ADVENTURE 14 Days / 13 Nights

    The “white mountain range” gives way to one of the most beautiful high mountain landscapes of Peru. Often compared with the Swiss Alpes for its beauty, this mountain range is also called “the Peruvian Switzerland”. This is where the Huascarán, the highest peak of Peru, can be found. There is also a huge quantity of high mountains, such a the Alpamayo (a lot of people consider it the mot beautiful peak of world), Huandoy,  Chacraju, Chopicalqui, Pisco, Taulliraju, and a lot more. This is paradise for the mountaineers and the trekking in high mountain lovers!

    In the narrow valley between the white mountain range and the black one, known as the “Callejón de Huaylas”, runs the Santa river. This is where Huaraz, the largest city of the region and starting point to discover the impressive nature, is located. The valley, in the east of the white mountain range is the “Callejón de los Conchuco”, which is not less attractive.

    Day 1: Lima – Huaraz

    Transfer to the bus station to take the bus (special service) to the Huaraz city, in an about 8 hour drive. We will spend the night in the chosen hotel.

    Day 2: Acclimation walk

    Early breakfast, before a 4 hour hike to the Rataquenua viewpoint. Free afternoon.

    Day 3: Acclimation walk to the Churup Lagoon

    Very early in the morning, after breakfast, we will take the bus to Llupa, to begin the trek to Pitec, from which we will climb as far as the Churup lagoon. We will then visit the area, before going down to the Llupa village, from where we will take the bus to Huaraz.

    Day 4: Huaraz – Hualcayan – Huishcash

    Early breakfast before taking the bus to the city of Hualcayan, from which we will begin the trek (about 4 hours long). We will then arrive to our camping, located in Huishcash.

    Day 5: Huishcash – Osoruri

    Early breakfast before going on a 6 hour trek. During the hike, we will be able to see the Cullicocha lagoon, and the Santa Cruz mountains. We will finally arrive at a camp, in Osuri.

    Day 6: Osoruri – Jancarurish

    Breakfast, beginning of the trek, that will last for about six hours. We will look at the agricultural terraces and at some constructions of the prehispanic cultures (pampa ruins). We will continue our hike through the Alpamayo ravine, to arrive at the camp situated in Jancarurish, very close to the lagoon of the same name, and at the most beautiful snow-capped mountain of the world (Alpamayo).

    Day 7: Jancarurish – Huillca

    Breakfast, beginning of a 6 or 7 hour trek. We will walk though the Cara Cara pass (4,800 masl). We will then go down the whole Moyabamba area, and to Taya pampa before going down as far as the camp in Huillca.

    Day 8: Resting

    Breakfast at about 8 a.m. We will then be able to visit the Safuna lagoon and, in passing, we will try our hand at traditional fishing (trouts). Trip back to our camp.

    Day 9: Huillca - Quishuar

    Breakfast, beginning of a 6 or 7 hour trek. We will walk through the Tupa Tupa pass, before going down to the camp of Quishuar.

    Day 10: Quishuar - Carhuacasha

    Breakfast, beginning of a 5 hour trek. We will come down as far as Jancapampa, before climbing as far as Carhuacasha. On the way, we will see mountains such as Taya Tampa and the east side of Pucajirca, Taulliraju, and the Huecrococha lagoon. In the end, we will arrive at our camp.

    Day 11: Carhuacasha - Paria

    Breakfast, beginning of the trek which will last for about 6 hours. Climbing to the Pucaraju pass (4,650 masl), panoramic view of Punta union, Pucaraju mountain, Pucaraju heights, Taulliraju, Paria Chacraraju and others. We will then go down to the camp situated in Paria, at 3,870 masl.

    Day 12: Paria - Pampamachay

    Breakfast, beginning of a 6 hour trek. Descent through the Huaripampa ravine, and arrival at the Yana Chaca village. Ascent to the Collo and Vaquería villages. We will continue our hike until we arrive at the camp of Pampamachay.

    Day 13: Pampamachay – Yurac Corral - Huaraz

    Breakfast, and beginning of the last day of our trek (about 5 hours). Ascent as far as the Llanganuco ravine, at 4,768 masl. View of the most outstanding mountains of the white mountain range, such as the impressive Huascarán (6,768 masl), the 4 summits the Huandoy mountain, Chacraraju, Pisco, Chopicalqui, and some others. Descent as far as Yurac Corral, where we will take a bus to the Huaraz city. On the road, we will see the Llanganuco lagoons (Orconcocha, Huahuacocha, Chinancocha). We will arrive in the city of Huaraz at about 5 p.m., and will spend the night there.

    Day 14: Huaraz - Lima

    Early breakfast to be on time to take the bus back to Lima.


    •Private transfer hotel in Lima /  Bus station
    •Transport Lima/Huaraz/Lima by public bus – special service
    •Private transfer Huaraz/Hualcayan to begin the trek on day 4
    •Private transfer Llanganuco/Huaraz on day 13
    •Private transfer Huaraz/Llupa/Huaraz on day 3
    •Transfer Lima Bus Station/ hotel on day 14
    •4 night accommodation in the chosen hostel or hotel in Huaraz. American breakfast included.
    •Acclimation walk on days 2 & 3 to the Churup lagoon and the Rataquenua viewpoint, with a guide
    •2 lunch boxes


    •All meals during the trek
    •Official trekking guide for 10 days
    •1 muleteer
    •5 mules to carry the equipment of common use (CAREFUL: NOT your personal equipment)
    •1 horse in case of emergency
    •1 cook for 10 days
    •Mountain equipment (double tents, dining tent, bathroom tent, mat, kitchen, toilets, etc.)
    •Entrance to the Huascarán National Park
    •First aid kit (at least 3 people required)

    Does not include:

    •Sleeping bag
    •Meals which are not mentionnned in the INCLUDES section