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    ASCENSION OF AUSANGATE (6372m) 13 Days / 12 Nights

    Ausangate, the giant southern Peru, with its highest peak at 6372 meters.

    An adventure in one of the most diverse mountain ranges of the country and unknown mountains impressive glaciers, mountain lakes many colors always surprising people around the world, herds of alpacas, traditions preserved high this population despite the harshness of the place .

    You will appreciate:

    • Tour of Ausangate, a beautiful hike closer to great heights.
    • Reaching the summit of Ausangate, at 6372 meters altitude.
    • The time spent on the acclimatization and reserve day, to give the greatest chance of success.
    • The organization of our impeccable management.

    Day 1 / Cusco - Tinki (3900 m)

    Tinki-Cusco route. Landscapes, crossing two open (4200 and 4000 meters) overlooking the Cordillera Vilcanota. Tinki Lodge.

    Day 2 / Tinki - Pacchanta (4300 m)

    Climb Pachanta important town at the foot of the north face of Ausangate. Near the camps, thermal pools. 5 hours of walking.

    Day 3 / Pacchanta - Step Ticclacocha (5050 m) - Ticclacocha

    Walk a beautiful gorge between Ausangate and Ccallangate. Step near large lakes, then it is up to the neck Ticclacocha dominated by the sharp tip of Mount Collque Cruz. The step Ticclacocha camp near the lake (4800 m). 6 hours walking.

    Day 4 / Ticclacocha - Broken Steel (5000 m)

    Jampa Descent pastures, surrounded by glacial mountains: Ausangate with Butterfly and Mary Huamantilla Ccallangate and the three peaks Three Peak (6093 m). Broken Steel Increase camping on the shore of a small lake (condors and vicuña). To complete our acclimatization spent two nights at over 5,000 m. 6 hours walking.

    Day 5 / Ascension Punco Huayruro North (5500 m)

    Easy climb to the top of Huayruro Punco. Summit breathtaking view over the mountains of Vilcanota, the great glaciers of Mount Pico Tres and southwest of the vast lagoon Carabaya Sibinacocha and range. Return to camp and rest the rest of the day.
    4/5 hours walking. A full day above 5000 m count towards the final climb!

    Day 6 / Jampa - Finance Finaya - Base Camp (4600 m)

    Descent of the creek to the isolated town of Jampa and Finaya. Along the way, we find many alpacas in general. Before us, Ausangate see much of the route of ascent, and his right to confront the beautiful snowy glacier Mariposa (or St. Catherine, 5800 m) and sheets of snow. Installing the base camp. 5 hours of walking.

    7-10 Day / Ascension Ausangate (6372 m)

    Intermediate camp located 5450 m, with the glacier limit (great atmosphere for this field).
    5-6 hours from base camp.
    To the top: no difficulty at the foot of a steep slope of snow (2 h, 5700 m).

    The guidance states in general (depending on number of people) fixed the rope to reach the top of the slope of 35 °, and 45-50 ° at the end (5850 m). The route will then follow the southern glacier. No technical difficulties. Between 3 and 5 hours to travel the 530 meters to the summit of Ausangate!
    The dismantling of the camp and back to advanced base camp.

    Day 10 is a reserve day.

    Day 11 / Base Camp - Step Pal omani (5100 m) - Step Apacheta (4800 m) - Jatunpucacocha (4600 m)

    Steep climb and a pass at 5100 m dominated lunar relief Ausangate glaciers. Descend to the beautiful lake Ausangatecocha then mounted a second pass and descend to camp Jatunpucacocha. 5 hours of walking.

    Day 12 / Jatunpucacocha - Step Arapa (4800 m) - Upis

    A final step in the strange lunar landscape, then this is the discovery of the western slopes of Ausangate. Upis camp where we expect a well deserved nice bath in the hot springs.
    5 hours of walking.

    Day 13 / Upis - Tinki - Cusco
    Down in the pastures to Tinki, where we meet our vehicle (hours 2/3 walk). Return to Cusco.

    ·         Professional guide (Spanish - English).
    ·         Professional High Mountain Guide for the days of Ascension
    ·         Assistant Guide (from 9 people)
    ·         Private transport Cusco - Tinke / Tinke-Cusco
    ·         Transfer Airport - Hotel - Airport.
    ·         Hostal small Tinke.
    ·         Horsemen and horses to carry all the luggage camping
    ·         Horses to carry large backpacks team, maximum 12 Kg
    ·         Cook and kitchen helper.
    ·         All meals on the road (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks daily)
    ·         Dining tent with tables and chairs.
    ·         Kitchen tent
    ·         Tents for two.
    ·         Matras (insulation blankets to sleep)
    ·         Accommodation for all our staff.
    ·         First Aid Kit + Hyperbaric chamber.
    ·         Ausangate entrance ticket.

    It includes:
    ·         Sleeping bag
    ·         Food in Cusco.
    ·         Tips
    ·         Air tickets.
    ·         Personal equipment for climbing (crampons, ice ax, Harness, Helmet and Other)
    ·         Anything that is not indicated as "INCLUDE".