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    AUSANGATE - TITICACA  9 Days / 8 Nights

    Day 1: Cusco - Ocongate – Tinke

    Free morning. In the afternoon, we will go to Ocongate by bus. We will then head for the Tinke village, passing through picturesque villages and beautiful areas of farmed land. We will be accommodated in Tinke, in a small hotel.

    Day 2: Tinke – Upis

    Very early in the morning, after breakfast, we will begin our hike in the direction of the slopes of the majestic Apu Ausangate (6,372 m.), enjoying the presence of camelids from South America such as lamas and alpacas. At last, we will visit the small village of Upis (4,140 m.), before heading for the area of thermal springs, where we will camp (at the foot of the snow-capped mountain).

    Day 3: Upis – Pukaqocha Lagoon

    Very early in the morning, we will continue our trip in the direction of the Arapa pass (4,140 m), before coming down towards the Paucarqocha lagoons, known as HatunPukacocha, Vinaqocha and HuchuyPunaqocha. There, not only will we see spectacular landscapes, but we will also appreciate various species of Andean birds. We will camp on the banks of a lagoon (4,575 m).

    Day 4: Pukaqocha Lagoon – Palomani pass – Chilcapinaya

    On that day, we will go up the Alcatani pass (4,650 m), come down in the direction of the Ausangateqocha lagoon, before going up towards the Palomani pass (5,050 m), from which we will have impressive views of the landscape beauty. We will then go down to Chillkaphinaya, where we will camp.

    Day 5: Chillkaphinaya – Jampa Valley – Pachaspata

    Our trip continues along the Jampa Valley, where we will be able to appreciate numerous groups of alpacas, sheeps and lamas. We will then observe the beautiful Ticllaqocha lagoon, go down the Pachaspata Pampas, where we will camp on the edge of the majestic Q’omerqocha lagoon.

    Day 6: Q’omerqocha lagoon – Pacchanta

    While admiring spectacular landscapes of the high Andes, we will go down towards the Pacchanta village, until we arrive at the thermal springs, where we will have a view of the imposing ApuAusangate.

    Day 7: Pacchanta - Tinke - Puno

    After a short walk in the middle of the typical Andean landscape, we will arrive at Tinke, where we will take the bus to Puno. We will be accommodated in a beautiful hotel there.

    Day 8: Puno – Uros – Amantani

    We will pick you up very early at your hotel, to take a boat in the lake port. After a 45-minute drive, we will arrive at the Uros floating islands, where we will go on a visit for about 50 minutes, and will have the opportunity to buy hand-crafted products of the place. We will then continue our trip towards the Amantani island, where the locals will welcome us into the village. We will go and stay there and, after lunch, we will visit the main appeals of the island and learn more about the locals traditions. We will spend the night in the families' houses.

    Day 9: Amantani – Taquile – Puno

    We will leave after having breakfast, in the direction of the Taquile island. When we arrive, we will walk a little bit through the touristic places of the island, and will have time to buy hand-crafted products of the place. In the afternoon, we will leave to Puno.


    •Professional guide (Spanish – English)
    •Guide assistant (from 9 people)
    •Private transportation Cusco – Tinke / Tinke– Puno
    •Small hotel in Tinke
    •Muleteers and horses to carry all the camping equipment
    •Horses to carry the equipment and your big backpacks, up to 10 Kg
    •Cook and kitchen aid
    •All the food while on the way (breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks every day)
    •Dining tent with tables and chairs
    •Kitchen tent
    •Two-people tents
    •Mat (insulating mat to sleep on)
    •Accommodation for our whole staff
    •First aid kit
    •Entrance ticket to Ausangate
    •Transfer by boat
    •Entrance to the Uros islands – Amantani and Taquile
    •Transportation by boat
    •2-night accommodation in Puno
    •1-night accommodation in the families' houses in Amantani
    •All the meals in Amantani
    •2 dinners in Puno + 1 lunch in Taquile
    •2-night accommodation in Puno and breakfast

    Does not include:

    •Sleeping bag
    •Air tickets
    •Food in Cusco
    •Everything that is not mentionned in the “INCLUDES” section